Marko B Popović





Director, Popovic Labs

Author, Biomechanics and Robotics


Chair, The "Biomechanics and Robotics" Theme, EMBC 2011 (2011)
The 33rd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
at Boston Marriott Copley Place, August 30th - September 3rd, 2011

Assistant Research Professor (2012-)
Adjunct Assistant Professor (2010-2012)
The WPI Physics Department, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Chair, The SumMIT Conference Series (2009-)
ΣMIT Conference on Future Networks: Economy, Energy, Health
MIT Wong Auditorium E51-115, 9:30am-5:30pm, October 2, 2009

Research Scientist (2007-2008)
The MIT Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Projects Manager (2008)
Center for Future Banking (Bank of America $25 million initiative)
The MIT Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Visiting Professor and Lecturer (2007-2008),
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade University

Post-doctoral Associate (2004-2007) with Hugh Herr
Biomechatronics Group
The MIT Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Post-doctoral Associate (2001-2005) with Hugh Herr and Jovan Popovic
Leg Lab, Biomechatronics Group, Computer Graphics and Animation
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL), MIT
Dr Popovic had honor to officially give the name to the MIT CSAIL
If you ever wondered ″what does CSAIL stand for″ …

Post-doctoral Fellow (2001-2002) with Howard Georgi
High Energy Theory Group
Department of Physics, Harvard University

Other Appointments:

Venture Capital Firm, STEP Fund LLC, co-founder (2006-2007)
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Advisory Board
, Mission Statement, Old Proposal List (Sept 07)
Tribute to good times/energies, creative/fearless ideas and wonderful people! Fund ceased to exist in 2008.

STEP Fund DOO, director (2007)
Director, High Tech Incubator (Nov 07 May 08)
Belgrade, Serbia, Europe

Boston Trade Technologies LLC, quality control & sales (2007)
@ Boston Stock Exchange, Boston, MA, USA


Boston University,
Ph.D. degree in physics 2001 (2002 Award)
Ph.D. Advisor Elizabeth H. Simmons

Ohio State University,
M.Sc. degree in physics 1996
M.Sc. Advisor Gregory Kilcup

Belgrade University,
B.Sc. degree in physics 1995
B.Sc. Advisor Maja Buric

Media Coverage
(to be updated):

April 2015
Daily Herd, Vecna Robot Sprint , April 27, 2015 (by Dave Greenslit)

April 2015
The Boston Globe, At Robot Zoo, a menagerie of mechanical creatures, April 11, 2015 (by Eryn Carlson)

April 2015
WPI Popovic Labs, Cambridge Science Festival 2015 (Robotics Zoo), April 20, 2015

March 2015
Reuters, Robot racing sparks scientific enthusiasm in U.S. students, March 24, 2015 (by Scott Malone)

also featured in: The New York Times, Robot racing sparks..., March 24, 2015 (editing by Lisa Von Ahn); Channel News Asia, Robot...; Business Insider, Robot...; CNBC; Yahoo! News; the Toronto Sun; Daily Times Pakistan; UK Eurosport Prof. Marko Popovic gestures to an artificial muscle design...; Yahoo! News, entertainment Prof. Marko Popovic...;

March 2015
Daily Herd, Faculty Recognition, March 2, 2015 (by Jennifer Wyglinski)
[in reference to the non-exclusive rights to the Hydro Muscle technology which have been sold for the largest sum ever received for intellectual property at WPI]

October 2014
Hydro Muscle Test 5 2014, October 17, 2014

April 2014
Physics Department News, Cambridge Science Festival, April 19, 2014

June 2011
Dr Marko Popovic advises Society of Physics Students (SPS) chapter at WPI; one of eight that have received Sigma Pi Sigma Undergraduate Research Awards at the national level in 2011 for the project "Physics applied to post-stroke rehabilitation". AIP SPS awards and June 2011 interim report/Final report.

November 2010
Dr Marko Popovic's lecture at WPI: "Lecture by Dr. Marko Popovic".

February 2010
Dr Marko Popovic's lecture at UNH: "Many Endeavors a Few Successes; an Ordinary Story of the 21st Century 'Renaissance' = Multidisciplinary Researcher".

October 2008
Festival of New Communications B-LINK 2008 PRESS BOX
"...Lecture by Dr Popovic will stay remembered as the most interesting and the most innovative one; the audience showed a great deal of interest and engaged in a long conversation with scientist who is undoubtedly one of the leaders transforming the human course of actions and development of civilization in general."

January 2008
Interview with Dr Marko Popovic for BLIC Thought moves artificial ankle (author Jovana Subotic)

November 2007
The best invention of the year 2007 in the world in category HEALTH (robotic foot-ankle prostheses -- bionic leg) according to TIME magazine and CNN; Dr Marko Popovic was member of the team from the MIT Biomechatronics Group that worked on this project. Time Magazine announcement
(By Maryanne Murray Buechner, Kristina Dell, Andrea Dorfman, Lev Grossman, Anita Hamilton, Rebecca Winters Keegan, Jeffrey Kluger, Michael D. Lemonick, Coco Masters, Lisa McLaughlin, Alice Park, Julie Rawe and Deirdre van Dyk)

October 2007
Dr Marko Popovic hosted the Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Bozidar Djelic (Young Global Leader, 2005-2010, by the World Economic Forum, Davos) and Minister for Diaspora Milica Cubrilo official visit to Boston on Thursday, 18th October 2007. Delegation met with top officials from Harvard, MIT, OLPC, WIT and biotech companies (Genzyme). Flyer and MIT Media Lab webcast (by Paula Aguilera) of public address with an introduction by Dr Marko Popovic.

July 2007
Interview with Dr Marko Popovic for Belgrade daily newspapers Evening News ("Vecernje Novosti" -- author Danijela Kljajic)

June 2007
Dr Marko Popovic and Harvard Club of Serbia organized International (Serbia, Greece & US) seminar/workshop on Entrepreneurship at the Innovation Center, School of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade University. Overview and Flyer . Media coverage: TV Avala and TV Metropolis. Interview with Dr Marko Popovic for the Belgrade Business News.

June 2007
On Saturday, 23rd June 2007, interview with Dr Marko Popovic, TV show Serbs abroad ("Srbi u Svetu"; duration 30 minutes -- author Aleksandar Vlajkovic) broadcasted on Serbian Satellite TV

May 2007
On Saturday, 26th May 2007, interview with Dr Marko Popovic, TV show Brilliant People ("Izvanredni" ; duration 35 minutes -- author Ivan Saric) TV Avala

Brilliant Marko Popovic (part 1) high res 1.7GB ,
Brilliant Marko Popovic (part 2) high res 1.4GB (right click to save target)

Brilliant Marko Popovic (altogether, left click for regular webcast, 89MB)

May 2007
On Thursday, 17th May 2007, interview with Dr Marko Popovic, radio show Infinite Blue Circle ("Beskrajni Plavi Krug"; duration 60 minutes - author Svetlana Jajic), Radio Belgrade. Listen here (skip first ~10 minutes).

April 2005
Interview with Dr Marko Popovic for Mass High Tech Business News Prosthetic promise (author Dyke Hendrickson)
"...We are poised to enter a new era in prosthetics, and soon many amputees will be equipped with devices that will really help them get their lives back."

My Music:

Falling in Love Composed April 1994 by Marko Popovic, transcribed and recorded February 2009.
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My Painting: The Wall Mural
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